"There is no way to peace, peace is the way"
Music has been my passion since the eighties and over the years I've played in many differnet rock- dance- and popbands. I've always been interested in writing music and my first cd was released in 1992 in rembembrance of my brother who passed away 1991. 1997 I moved to the country side and started writing even more music, these days more than 700 songs have come through me. Many of them with a peaceful uplifting message supporting the human spitit and potential. Since 1999 I  arranged a Musicfestival with artists who writes their own music which attracts approx. 300 people at our Retreatcenter in Southern sweden. Read more at www.mundekulla.se
I've recorded closer to 20 cd's and many of them supporting projects for children and youth such as "Now is the time", "Songs for Tibet", "Spiritual revoltion" and more..
Now is the time" was written as Swedens' answer to "We are the world". The Cd has been mastered and supported by Polar Studio, the renowned Studio in Sweden where Abba made all their recordings, and it is sung by eight Swedish artists. It has been performed on different occasions, for example, when Wangari Mathaii visited Sweden in May 2005 and during when Dalai Lama visitid sweden in 2011
Peter has sold more than 10.000 cds over the years