Peace Concert "12 peace prayers"
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Peace Concert  "12 prayers  12 religions- 12 songs"
The Peace Concert consists of 12 peaceprayers from different religions that Peter and his friends Jan Eric and Lars Magnus has put music to. Since 2012 they have offered a concert programme in Churches throughout Sweden and Norway.
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On 27 October 1986, Pope John Paul II invited leaders from twelve different religions to a peace ceremony in Assisi, Italy, asking everyone to bring and share a prayer for peace from their respective cultures. He later organized two more meetings, one in 1993 to pray for the Bosnian war to end and one in 2002 after the terror attacks in New York, because he wanted to emphasize the peacemaking power of religion. In 2011, Pope Benedict XVI organized another meeting to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first meeting. These prayers were set to music by Peter Elmberg in collaboration with Jan Eric Ström and Lars-Magnus Österberg.
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The Artists
- Peter Elmberg (vocals)
-Jan Eric Ström (Guitars)
-Lars-Magnus Österberg (Keyboards) 

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25/2 2017, Olofström
29/10 2016,  Vidaråsen, Norway
28/10 2016, Solborg, Norway
27/10 2016, Sofienbergs kirke Oslo, Norway
3/9 2016, Wedding in Höör
17/7 2016, Festival, Mundekulla
12/6 2016, SOL Festival, Öland
26/10 2015, Solborg, Norge
25/10 2015, Groruds kirke, Oslo, 
24/10 2015, Biskopsgårdens Kyrka, Göteborg, 
23/10 2015, Peace congress, Varberg
13/8 2015, Mundekulla Musikfestival
25/7 2015, Fredskonsert Gränna
21/2 2015, Huskvarna Galleri 
11/1 2015, Stavanger Domkyrka Norge
20/12 2013, Kungsholmens Kyrka, Stockholm
24/11, 2013 Västerås Domkyrka 
15/9, 2013 Gränna Kyrka
17/8, 2013 Mundekulla Musikfestival
18/7, 2013 Pråmen, Göteborg
24/2, 2013 Biskopsgårdens kyrka, Göteborg
18/8, 2012 Mundekulla Musikfestival
3/7, 2012 Vadstena Klosterkyrka
16/6, 2012 SOL Festivalen, Öland
18/3, 2012 Lerums kyrka