When I settled in the woods of Småland (Southeast Sweden) 1997 my creating of new songs really got a positive push forward. After being alone for 8 months I started writning music from within and in the timespan of one year I wrote more than 200 songs. Music that in one way or another have the message of peace and oneness. The songwriting became so simple, when I started writing songs from my own perspective and hereby I got new faith in my own ability. Instead of trying to write a song, I simply let the music flow through me, just like the pinetrees swaying in the wind. Long periods passed by, when I neither listened to the radio, nor watched TV, read newspapers or even talked to anyone. Out of all this a new trust and joy for living grew in me. I realized that I had to start with changing myself from the inside and that I can choose to be joyful even if people around me are not. It became clear to me that until this time in my life I often did seek others’ confirmation and mainly lived for others’ needs, unable to sense the deep love to life that is the everyones birthright. 

Since then I have written more than 1000 songs in various  styles as well as musicals. Read more under "the artist". I also founded Mundekulla Retreatcenter in 1998 nearby to the place where I started my songwriting (mentioned above). The center offers courses in personal growth, spirituality and creativity.
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