Peter is the founder of

-Mundekulla Retreatcenter together  1998
-Mundekulla festival held on a yearly basis at Mundekulla  since 1999
-Music for Peace - supporting peace through music since 2004

Peter has also been part of arranging many events in Sweden promoting peace in different ways including "Oneness festival 2004, 2005", Concerts for Tibet", "Stand up for the climate" as well as lectures with Tibetan Lamas, Native Americans, events together with the Red Cross as well as many events in Mundekulla over the years

Peter has recorded 4 cd's promoting peace that has sold more than 10.000 copies aiding children and youth, those are:
-Niklas Minne - In memory of Peters brother who died 1991
-Now is the time - Swedens' answer to "We are the world"
-Spirtual Revolution - Supporting the Tibetans
-Songs For Tibet - Including songs by 20 well known Swedish artists supporting Tibet