"Honouring Our Mother Earth" - 100 voices from 25 countries

See the intro of the UN conference including the song released on world environment day june 5, 2020

UN Livestream Conference"
The song was part of the International UN Conference broadcasted from Stockholm and Colombia. The conference was a 12 hour long event with many inspiring speakers in the field of sustainability
See the introduction of the UN conference including the song>>

"Song release and interviews", Mundekulla  
Listen to an hour long presentation and interviews (below) with artists, politicians, businessleaders related to the theme "Honouring Our Mother Earth". The event ends with the release of the musicvideo. Peter Elmberg (initiator and songwriter) will interview Pär Holmgren (Politician , Brussels), Khanya, Native Xosa, SA), Elin Teilus (Sami culture, Sapmi) Pella Thiel (Natures Right, End Ecoside), Pontus Winberg (CEO Good Cause, God el), Rickard Åström (Producer of the song) as well as artists from the project. See video >>

Read more about the project below 

H.O.M.E. Project 

The song 'Honouring our Mother Earth' was released on June 5 on the UN World Environment Day featuring both solo singers and choir voices from around the globe, and the target is to show that we are many people across the world that would like to bring more attention to sustainability, equality and living in harmony with nature and it goes beyond culture, religion, colour, background, age and gender. 

Voices from 25 different countries
There are voices from over 25 different countries including children and indigenous people from Uganda, Tibet, Brazil, France, New Zealand, United States, England, China, Kazakhstan, Kurdistan, Senegal, Austria, Palestine, Kenya, Hungary, Greece, Chile, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Sapmi, Southafrica, Xhosa, India, Iran, Russia. 

My name is Peter Elmberg, and I am from Sweden. In 1996 I studied Native American Studies in Wisconsin, USA, and got inspired by the saying, “Think seven generations ahead before any important decision.” I’ve been engaged in the field of sustainability since then, and I'd like to show my deepest respect and support to children and youth all over the world, bringing awareness to the climate issue today. I have written 2 musicals and more than 1000 songs since 1991 to various projects. I created the label "Music for Peace" in 2004 where I have released the following "Earth Anthems" supporting children and youth. "Now is the time" (Swedens answer to "We are the world", 2005)  "A song for Tibet"(2008), "One world" (Project for Westafrica 2012), "12 Peace Prayers" (2016) etc. 

The interest grew with time
(2020-05-20) New registrations from Russia, Palestine, Iran, Uganda, Hungary has arrived
(2020-05-16Artists from New Zeeland, India and Brazil have joined the project. 
(2020-05-10) Artists from Tibet, Kurdistan, Chile, England, Italy have signed up for the project the last couple of days
(2020-05-01) We have now recieved videos from artists in China, Kazakstan,  Germany and more
2020-04-24) We have gained interest  from the Sami tradition (Native people of the north of Sweden),  Xhosa (Native people from Southafrica) Children choirs i Kenya as well as artists from Senegal and USA

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