Peter has written and produced two musicals on the theme of integration called "Home of the brave" and "Here to stay"

The Folkmusical "HOME OF THE BRAVE" 
"Home of the brave" (The honmestayers) is a story about the people who decided to stay to stay and continue farming although the hard conditions in Sweden during the emigrations years in 1850-1930:s. During this time period almost 1/4 of the Swedish population emigrated to America and haölft of the people where Peter is living and running mUndekulla Retreatcenter. The Musical was put up in the Amphi theatre in Mundekulla in aug 2013 and was shown to more than 6000 people until 2017. 
Home of the brave is called "Folk musical" as it is based on  Swedish folkmusic. It is written together with Anne Solveig. 

The Worldmusical "HERE TO STAY"
Here to stay" (The herecomers) is a story about the Swedish immigration 2000-2020. A story of the bravery of leaving ones homecountry moving to the country in the north. The musical is based on the true story "Kimmie" a young boy who started a nazi party in Swedden in the beginning of the millenuim. On his mothers deathbed he promises to shapen up his attitude. All the immigrants on stage share their own story and challanges on their way and in Sweden while Kimmie confronts them until he realizes we are one and the same...
"HERE TO STAY" is called "Worldmusical" as it is based on  music from all over the world

The Futuristicmusical "THE BEST IS YET TO COME"
Petrer is writing on the musical "The best is yet to come" which takes place 100 years from now in a futuristic society....

Peter has participated in several musicals over the years such as the mainrole in "Godspell" in the year of 2000.