"The superior man tries to promote music as a means to the perfection of human culture. When such music prevails and people's minds are led towards the right ideals and aspirations, we may see the appearence of a great world." / Confucius

Peter Elmberg and Music for Peace offers Music and events that encourages a positve change:
-The first charity CD namned "Niklas Minne" was recorded in memory of Niklas Elmberg who was murdered in Lund (southern parts of Sweden) in 1991. It has been sold in almost 7.000 copies and supports a fund in remembrance of Niklas, that actively supports children and youths.
-The second charity CD is called "Now is the time" was recorded in 2005 and is intended to be Sweden’s answer to “We are the world”. It was written by Peter Elmberg while watching the bridge being built between Sweden and Denmark. It has been mastered and supported by Polar Studio, the renowned studio where Abba made their recordings. It also supports chiildren and youths through differnet charities and networks. During 2005 it sold in more than 1000 copies.The song has been performed on different occasions during 2005 eg. when Wangari Mataii (Nobel Peace prize winner 2004) visited Sweden and during Dalai Lama’s 70th birthday celebrations. It has been sold in almost 3000 copies and bacame the best song throughout all times according to readers of the magazine "City"
-The thrid charity cd called "Spiritual Revolution" was released in the end of May 2007 , supporting Tibetan Children. It also contains a DVD with discussions about "Spiritual Revolution"
-The forth charity Cd is called "Songs for Tibet" and consists of 20 songs by 20 differnt artist supporting Tibet (Released in april 2008)

Peter Elmberg has made closer to different cds  and has written around 700 songs in different genres. If your're looking for a specific song to promote any peace project, please contact

Vision create music and events that supports and promotes peace
..create networks and co-operate with others that shares the same vision
..reach a broader audience

The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi (on the picture above) belong to different religions and cultures but they are all practioniers of non-violence in a broader sense, due to their dedication and belief in the human potential. John Lennon dedicated his life to spreading peace through music that has touched the world. The peace symbol is turnde upside down to symbolize a transformed uplifting energy.