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Now is the time

"Now is the time" was voted the best Swedish song throughout the times according to the readers of 'City' (Swedens' biggest magazine)
4 th of May 2007

Now is the time" was written as Swedens' answer to "We are the world" and it is sung by eight Swedish artists.

The Cd has been mastered and supported by Polar Studio, the renowned Studio in Sweden where Abba made all their recordings.

It has been performed on different occasions, for example, when Wangari Mathaii visited Sweden in May 2005 and during Dalai Lama’s 70th birthday celebrations on the 6th of july 2005 as well as at Dalai Lamas visit in Sweden 2011.

The cd has sold in almost 3000 copies in charity aiding children and youth.

A song for tibet

The cd "Songs for Tibet" was released on the 14 th of may 2008 and consists of 19 songs performed by well known Swedish artists that has supported Tibet over the years.

A song for Tibet
The title song called "A song for Tibet" is sung by 8 different artists and some of the most talented musicans in Sweden as Janne Schaffer (former ABBA member) and Björn Jison Lindh plays guitar and flute on the song.  

In april 2007 Peter Elmberg was asked to write a sing for "Tibet week 2008" which was held on the 18th-24 th of may 2008. Peter wrote  "A song for Tibet" and together with Thomas Wiehe he started working on the cd "Songs for Tibet".

20 sek (approx 2 euros) supports projects for Tibetan children and youth.

Spiritual Revolution 

The cd "Spiritual Revolution includes 4 beautiful uplifting reagge/popsongs, called "Spiritual revoultion", Right now", One people" and "The Gift as well as a musicvideo, interviews and discussions about "Spiritual Revolution".

"Spiritual Revolution" was written after reading the following qoute in the book "Ethics for a new millenia by Dalai Lama

"A revolution is called for, certainly. But not a political an economic or even a technical revolution. We've had enough experience of these during the past century to know that a purely external approach will not suffice. What I propose is a Spiritual revolution.."

20 SEK (2 euros) per sold cd supports Tibetan children