Mundekulla Retreatcenter

Peter studied Native American history in USA, Australian culture and the Aborigines. He also found inspiration from the Maya culture on his travels to Mexico and Guatemala as well as the African way of life in Senegal and Gambia in Westafrica. He also lived in temples and monasteries in Europe, India and USA. He travelled as a musician in Europe and played in pubs, streets and markets. He was titled Swedish champion in street music 1996. After 3 years of travelling and studies in behavioral science at Växjö University he settled down in a small cottage in his parents birth village in the countryside. He lived a solitary and simple life and grew his own food.

The building of Mundekulla Retreat Center
In 1998 Berndt, Peter’s father, bought an old house in the village of Mundekulla, close to Peters cottage. Together they started to restore the house, which had been empty for 15 years. Soon thereafter, Peter and Anne met. 1999 they arranged a Music festival in Mundekulla and after that various kinds of courses. Berndt arranged building care trade markets on a yearly basis and a local newspaper wrote articles about
the restoration during 2 years called ”The dream in Mundekulla” that later became a book. The interest in Mundekulla increased and people were attracted by the little oasis in the forest. Anne’s and Peter’s songs grew in numbers, as did the events. When the retreat center celebrated 10 years it had grown with 1500 square meters, now consisting of bedrooms, a dining
room, conference rooms, event rooms and a small spa.
Already from the start they decided to build and arrange everything in a sustainable, ecological way. The yearly Music festival was awarded
the prizes for ”Sweden’s most environmental friendly festival 2008”. The year after they were awarded another prize - ”The buildingstone", one of the finest in Swedish building tradition, yearly handed out by the Swedish Association of Construction Engineers, for outstanding contributions to construction and building management in the Nordic countries. The same year Peter and Anne received a nomination called “Conscious Choice” for their way of running a fully environmental friendly company.

Mundekulla Peace Dances
Mundekulla Retreatcenter stands out for taking care of both the environment and human beings, which one can sense in everything from the construction work to the cultural landscape, the different events and the creating of the Mundekulla Peace Dances. The inspiration for these songs and dances comes from different aboriginal cultures, from a time when humans gathered at the fireplace for singing, dancing and enjoyment.

Meeting Dalai Lama
In 2002 Anne and Peter visited Tibetan settlements in India supported by a grant from the charity organization IM. They also met with the Dalai Lama who encouraged them by saying: ”Music is a very good way of promoting Peace”. The song ”Our hands are made for loving” is inspired by quotation from the Dalai Lama and ”The Gift” was written after a conversation with a Tibetan friend. “One People” was written while reading Neale Donald Walsh’s book “A conversation with God” and the most popular song of them all called “A feeling of joy” was a song that Anne woke up with one morning. Mundekulla is yearly visited by the Native American, Manitonquat (Medicine Story) who has written the book ”Return to Creation” which also is the title of one of the songs on the CD.

Welcome to Mundekulla - a meeting place in time where history meets future and the soul connects with the heart!