Songs for Tibet
The cd "Songs for Tibet" was released on the 14 th of may 2008 and consists of 19 songs performed by well known Swedish artists that has supported Tibet over the years.

A song for Tibet
The title song called "A song for Tibet" is sung by 8 different artists and some of the most talented musicans in Sweden as Janne Schaffer (former ABBA member) and Björn Jison Lindh plays guitar and flute on the song.  

In april 2007 Peter Elmberg was asked to write a sing for "Tibet week 2008" which was held on the 18th-24 th of may 2008. Peter wrote  "A song for Tibet" and together with Thomas Wiehe he started working on the cd "Songs for Tibet".

Out aim
There is a tense situation in Tibet. This closed part of the world and what goes on here has been more and more in focus for international opinion. The CD “Songs for Tibet” has been created to draw attention to the situation in Tibet and Dalai Lama’s philosophy of non-violence. The CD consists of songs that promote human rights, democracy and compassion towards our fellow human beings. They have been made by Swedish artists who have participated over the years in different galas and events in support of Tibet. People all over the world have been inspired by the peaceful aspirations of the Tibetans and we are faced with a choice between the way of violence and the way of peace. If the situation in Tibet could be solved through dialouge it would result in a more peaceful world and hopeful future for us all. Let us build bridges instead of walls and stretch out our hands in the service of mankind.

20 sek (approx 2 euros) supports projects for Tibetan children and youth.